How to Win the Battle for Your Prodigal’s Heart

Praying for our prodigals to lose their religion may just be the prayer that works. Why? Because just Jesus is what they need and want. They aren’t interested in our rules when they’re hanging out in their rebellion. One encounter with God brings the breakthrough we long for in their lives. How to Win the Battle for Your Prodigal’s Heart will help you better understand what you’re really up against and give you hope to face the unknowns.


The Unveiling: Seeing the Unseen on The Kingdom Calendar

There’s a special place we get to see through God’s eyes, where He’s unveiling His Kingdom agenda. 

This message is a full-circle redemption of all the enemy tried so hard to sideline, wreck, and stop from happening. Again, but God! He calls this girl faithful now. I hope you’ll be encouraged in the things you cannot see while you wait for your own unveiling.