Most Powerful Purpose in Life

How to Find the Most Powerful Purpose in Your Life

Still searching? You won’t have to look far to find the most powerful purpose in your life. God’s not trying to hide it from you. There’s no secret method. You don’t have to earn it. And, most certainly, you can not buy it. Why? Because it’s already living inside of you. However, many are still asking, “How do I find the most powerful purpose in my life?”

Loose Liar WIthin Boost Your Confidence

What Happens When You Loose The Liar Within?

Let’s talk about loosing the liar within. Permission granted! God gave us the authority over our enemy so let’s use it. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of the enemy getting an upper hand in my thought life. Really, aren’t you? I’m completely over it! Done! Finished! If you are too, read on sister! What happens when we loose the liar within and start believing God’s truth as authority in our lives.

kept by God Valentines featured

What Does It Mean to Be Kept by God?

What does it mean to be kept by God? It means we are reserved, set apart, taken…spoken for, saved, and held. When we’re kept, we’re provided for by His everlasting love. In fact, we’re the apple of His eye and He’s always watching out for us. Even if you’d rather just skip Valentine’s Day altogether this year, you can lean in to the arms of God and feel His divine embrace.