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Speaking/Event Schedule

What people are saying about Amy Elaine:

I am currently accepting speaking engagements. My heart's desire is to team up with your leadership to make your event unique and special. If you're interesting in having me speak at your local MOPS groups, Retreats, Conferences or Women's Ministry events, please click the CONTACT/SIGN UP link at the top of your screen. I prayerfully consider all opportunities to speak. It is both an honor and a privilege to teach God's Word to women seeking a deeper intimacy with their Father God.  Please include topics/theme of your event, dates, location, group size and any other useful information in your submission.  I am located in Castle Rock, CO. (DIA airport)


“Amy Elaine is the kind of person that is so relatable and genuine she makes me feel like her messages are tailored just for me.”

~Betty L. 

“Amy Elaine has a beautiful heart; she is always growing in her knowledge of her Lord Jesus and she shares it in such a beautiful and applicable way for all of us to understand. After all, we are all on the same journey. Thank you for always keeping it real, Amy Elaine.”

~G. Smilanich

“Amy Elaine is God's verbal craftswoman!”

~E. Foster

“Amy Elaine's speaking style is so relatable and captivating; her sweet spirit is calming. I'm so thankful for her honesty which allows me to receive her messages.” M. Bishop

“Amy Elaine is faithful to write what God puts on her heart.” ~A.H.

“I attended a retreat Amy Elaine spoke at recently. Amy Elaine's an authentic woman of God. She stood before us humble, yet enthusiastically taught us what God revealed to her in Scripture.

I knew right away she had an incredible gift of learning from and listening to the Lord; she is full of wisdom and has the gift of teaching and communicating to others. She spoke with genuine love, joy, humor, and vulnerable honesty.” ~Wendy W.